Club Rules


  1. Members may only book a court which they themselves will play on the entire duration of the booking. Booking courts for friends or family is NOT allowed.
  1. The names of all people playing on the court must appear on the booking, including guest players.
  1. Using a family member or another member’s name to hold a court in order to bypass the prime-time restrictions is NOT allowed.
  1. Using another member’s name instead of a guest player’s is NOT allowed. The booking must indicate that it is a guest and the guest’s name, both first and last, must be entered at time of booking the court.
  1. Prime Time Hours:6pm to 10pm on weekdays and 8am to 12noon on weekends.
  1. Two Day Advanced Booking:Bookings will open two days in advance (ex. on Sunday morning at 7am you will be able to book for Monday and Tuesday)
  1. Prime Time Booking:Over any two day period, you will only be able to make one prime time booking in advance.
  1. Non-Prime Time Booking:You will be able to book in advance, an unlimited number of non-prime time courts as long as there is at least 1 hour from the end of play to the next booking.
  1. Day of Play: You can book any open court at any time on the ‘day of play’.
  1. Maximizing court usage:
    • The system will not allow 30 minute gaps in between bookings. As an example, if members have a court booked from 9-10am and you try to book at 10:30am, the system will prompt you to either play at 10am or 11am.
    • The Club reserves the right to move bookings with 30 mins up or back in order to create space for others to play. If a change is made, members will be notified at least 24 hrs in advance by the system.
    • The club also reserves the right to move bookings to other available court to avoid 30 minute gaps. The system will send an e-mail to all members that appear in the booking.
  1. Booking playing times:
    • One person is only allowed to make a 30 minutes booking by themselves.
    • Two or Three people can book a court for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes.
    • Four people are allowed to book a court for 30, 60 or 90 minutes.
  1. “SPLIT DOUBLES” are NOT allowed. That means, two members of a foursome are not allowed to book one court or playing time and the other two members book another court or the following playing time.
  1. A confirmed booking has precedence over occupancy of a court by a Member who has not booked it and has simply walked on.
  1. Guest fees of $15 must be paid per guest (adult or junior) online at the time of booking the court or the court will be auto deleted by the system.



  1. Appropriate tennis attire is required.

  1. Proper tennis shoes must be worn, absolutely no running shoes, basketball shoes or cross trainers allowed on court.



  1. Please be respectful and mindful of others. Respect the members and the common rules of tennis etiquette.

  1. Note that all members are requited to brush the entire court after playing. Brushing the lines is optional. If the party following your time period does not wish the court to be brushed, you may leave the court without brushing. If there is nobody following your play time, you MUST Brushing happens on the next people’s time, you do not need to stop early to brush.

  1. No more than six (6) tennis balls are allowed on the court (with the exception of approved permission from the Club Manager or Pro).

  1. Baskets and ball machines are only allowed on courts 7 and 8.

  1. No outside coaching allowed. The CVLTC Director of Tennis (the ‘pro’) or their designates have exclusive rights to provide tennis lessons for which remuneration of any kind may be received.

  1. Organized tennis programs (with more than 8 participants) such as teams, ladders, round robins etc. must be authorized by the Executive Committee.

  1. On a daily basis certain playing times will be blocked off for court maintenance and or watering of the courts. During those times Members are NOT to be playing on the courts.

  1. Participation in club programs such as Round Robins, House League etc. counts as a court booking for each member participating.



  1. Courts must be claimed within 15 minutes of start time or a ‘no show’ fee of $10 may be applied to all the Member accounts that appear on the booking.
  1. Non-prime timebookings can be edited or cancelled up to 3hr before playing time. Any changes made to the bookings within the 3hr period of play will need to be made through the club staff and may result in a $5 late cancellation/edit fee.
  1. Prime time bookings can be edited or cancelled up to 24hr before playing time. Any changes made to the booking within the 24hr period of play will result in an automatic $5 late cancellation/edit fee. NOTE:Members will not be allowed to make another online court booking until outstanding balances are paid in full.
  1. If courts are closed due to weather or other emergencies, all reservations will automatically be cancelled by the club staff. An e-mail notification will be sent to members scheduled on the booked court. There will be no penalty to the Members. Paid guest fees will be given back to the Members in the form of Club Credit , which they can use at a later time.